Monday, May 02, 2011

The Annual "Catching Up" Post, part 2

I just realized that it's been a year since I posted anything.  I still play WOW and I still multi-box.  Right now it's what I spend most of my WOW time doing, although my schedule is pretty sporadic.  Lately I've played pretty often since I'm working on a new team.  Without my friends playing much these days (if at all) there's little incentive to do much else.

In any case, this is where things stand at the moment (which I just realized, is pretty easy to track by visiting the guild page): I leveled four characters (my shaman, rogue, hunter, and warlock) to 85 solo, since I enjoy leveling those classes solo.  I then leveled a shaman and four hunters from 80 to 85, and then I swapped in the original shaman and hunter.  That shaman and four hunters worked through the Tol Barad daily quests in order to upgrade their weapons, and then I decided to get back to one of my goals for this expansion: to get as many of my characters to 85 as I can.

The plan is to level up a few teams comprised of a shaman and four DPS, with the idea of having five 85s of several classes.  The hunter group is done.  Two shaman are 85.  My current team is a shaman and four mages, which recently hit level 70.  I have another shaman grouped with four warlocks and they are level 45; I'll get to them when the mages hit 85 (I have a level 76 mage that will then be power-leveled to 85).  I have one shaman that is level 17.  I am figuring on leveling her with a group of priests.  At some point I'll create three more priests (I have a level 75 priest loitering in Dalaran at the moment), get them to 17, then four-box them to 75, at which point the existing priest will join them.  Once that group is done, I'll have five of each of the following classes: shaman, hunter, mage, warlock, and priest.

At that point I figure I'll level up whoever is left (which would probably just be the 80 paladin, although maybe I'll also level the 70 rogue and the pair of 58-60 death knights).  I'm tempted to level up four druids with the paladin, so as to have at least four of those at 85 at some point.  The benefits of getting all of these characters to 85 are three-fold: one, I can mix-and-match groups in almost any combination.  Two, they'll all be ready for the next expansion.  And three, because questing from 80-85 generated anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 gold per character.  I'm not worried about gold, in that I don't have much to spend it on.  But it's nice to have it.  5,000 per character means that if I happen to need a few extra profession recipe components, I can purchase them via the Auction House without worrying about the cost.  Not that it will happen very often, as I have all of the professions covered (though I've been slow to level many of them).

Anyway, that's where things stand.  I don't know how often I'll update this site, but with so little of note going on there isn't much reason to do so.  Ta-ta for now!

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