Sunday, March 15, 2009

So long for now!*


I canceled my subscriptions again this afternoon. Most of them will expire within the next 4-10 days. I simply haven't been playing enough lately and have been busy with other things (work and other hobbies, mostly) and didn't want to continue paying for the accounts that I'd barely be playing for the next few months. My schedule is bound to let up, and if I still feel like playing at that point, I'll sign up again and give it another whirl.

I got the team to 74 and managed to complete two of the 'mini-ring' quests in Grizzly Hills, the ones that end with you defeating the current 'camp leader', who is then replaced by one of the guards. It was a bit sloppy as I basically stumbled into them without any proper setup, but they went down. But it was at this point that I realized that with such a sporadic play schedule, the best I could hope for was to continue to steamroll normal quests and the occasional elite mob, while not getting the practice time I would need for instance runs.

In any event, once/if I return I'll be in a position to pick up where I left off. The alts have their beginner flying skill and their slow flying mount, and there is a bit more than 13,500 gold in the guild bank. That leaves me about 11,300 short of getting them the expert flying skill and a fast flying mount, as well as the Northrend flying skill. But accumulating gold is not a problem in WoW anymore and I'm sure that I'd be able to get what they needed by the time they were 80, if not sooner. But that's a concern for another time.

See ya!


Merujo said...

bye for now and good luck :)

been reading ur blog for a while now, and decided to comment

Tonus said...

Thanks! :)