Monday, February 02, 2009

Hoarding gold, not levels.

The group is still 66, as I did not do much with them this weekend. I spent most of the weekend shopping and watching the Super Bowl, and that didn't leave much time for the crew. I hauled them over to Nagrand and grabbed up all of the quests that were available in the horde town of Garadar, and completed several of them. While my plans are always subject to change (and they change pretty frequently) my intention at the moment is to get them another level or two via questing. I do want to run a few more instances as well, perhaps this coming weekend or the one after, depending on their progress.

When they get to level 68, I am tempted to take them to Northrend and work on quests there in order to get them to levels 69-70, and perhaps even level 71. But I also want to make sure to run each Outland dungeon at least once before I leave that continent behind, and possibly try heroic Outland instances as well. 70 will be nice, it will open up a lot of options for the team. And I have most of their professions leveled past 375, with only leatherworking and inscriptions still needing some levels. The paladin has raised his leatherworking to 340, thanks in large part to completing most of the Nesingwary quests in Nagrand, which yielded several stacks of leather. Completing the quests should get him to 350 (or very close to it) and at that point I can wait until I get to Northrend to continue to level it. The priest is still at 190 in Inscription, and I'll need to pick up the pace on that, if only to clear up the logjam of herbs that are building up in the guild bank.

Speaking of which, the guild bank continues to shape up nicely. The bank now has just over 9100 gold in it and counting. Between gold from questing, daily quests, and auctions, I will be able to get the group their initial flying skill and mounts when they hit 70. The faster flying skill and mounts will take a bit longer, but considering that I've accumulated around 3,000 gold since the last update just over a week ago, it shouldn't be that bad. I'm definitely looking forward to 70 just for the myriad of options that the team will have in terms of stuff to do.

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