Monday, July 28, 2008

Two down, one to go...

My little group has killed Watchkeeper Gargolmar about seven times now, and he has dropped the hunter leggings four times. Sigh. I did get the paladin breastplate though, and that was an item I was keen on getting my hands on. Getting the paladin properly geared will help a lot going forward. In the meantime, the clears have gotten easier and quicker as I got my keybindings in order and got used to working with a diverse group. The hunter still does the most overall damage, in large part because he is doing steady DPS with auto shot while the casters require a keypress for each of their abilities. However, I'm becoming more efficient and they are catching up.

However, with the hunter having reached level 62 he has pulled ahead again, but that's fine. He is an engineer, and is able to wear Surestrike Goggles v2.0 now. He is also able to make and use Adamantite Shell Machines. Each one creates 1000 bullets that provide an additional 43 DPS, up from 26 that his Fel Iron Shells provided. Engineering is a nice profession for a hunter!

Yesterday I reached Omor the Unscarred. Omor is leashed to one spot in his area and will not move around, and in that he is ideal for a multiboxer to deal with. Among his abilities are a debuff that causes the target to AE the area around him, and thus it is best for the group to stay far apart from each other. He also summons felhounds which will drain a character's health and transfer it to Omor. Omor has other abilities, including shadowbolts and an ability where he tosses you in the air and bounces you around a few times, but those did not seem to be a major concern.

There were two problems on my first attempt, which ended in a wipe. One, I did not spread the group far enough apart. Two, I tried to kill the felhounds as they spawned. For my second attempt, I carefully spread the group far apart from each other (Omor's aggro range is very short, and this is pretty easy to do). When he summoned his felhounds, I'd make sure that the paladin had Consecration active, which would aggro them to him and keep them in one spot. This allowed me to focus DPS on Omor and focus heals on the tank. His shadowbolts were not a problem, and he only used his air-toss on the paladin. The second try was the charm and he went down, dropping a two-handed mace that is useless for my group. Oh well, there will be more attempts.

Sadly, I did not get a screenshot. I remembered that I wanted one as I was heading out of his area, and quickly ran back, but as I was positioning the team, his corpse poofed.

Next up were the team of Vazruden and his dragon steed Nazan. This is a fight that is very challenging for a multiboxer. You have very limited options on pre-fight positioning, since you need to kill two guards in order to summon him from the sky to join the fight. The guards will respawn immediately if you pull them even a short distance away (apparently this change was incorporated in order to keep players from exploiting the fight mechanic). Thus you need to fight them almost right where they stand. Second, you need to keep the whole group moving constantly, and that is a problem for a multiboxer. While you are fighting Vazruden on the ground, Nazan circles above, dropping fireballs on the group. The fireballs do direct damage when they land and additional damage-over-time. And he drops them at a pretty fast pace.

When Vazruden's health drops to 20%, Nazan lands and attacks the party. He now produces a frontal AE fire attack that does a fair amount of damage. Your tank needs to grab Nazan quickly, and the group must DPS Vazruden down fast and then turn to Nazan. All this while remaining mobile in order to avoid the fireballs and the spots on the ground that continue to burn. I tried this fight about four or five times before deciding to stop. While it's a bit frustrating, it's also a much better challenge than the first two bosses, who I have killed about 8 times total with only one wipe. Dealing with Vazruden and Nazan will help me sharpen my skills at multiboxing and hey... if it was always easy, there wouldn't be much fun in it.

At the moment the group is partway through level 61, with the exception of the hunter, who is 62. I will spend this week running the quest The Assassin for the group members. The hunter and paladin completed it already, and the others will complete it next. Not only is it a ridiculously easy quest to complete (it requires only some running back-and-forth, nothing more), with the recent experience reward changes it provides a total of around 65,000 experience (66,000 if you have not discovered Mag'har Post yet) and an item that will probably be an upgrade for my characters. I did manage to kill and loot Vazruden on one of my attempts, and thus I have the quest that requires that they loot orc blood in the Blood Furnace. But I want to remain in Ramparts until I can kill both Vazruden and Nazan. I can farm the other two bosses in the meantime, and then I'll be on my merry way to BF.

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